Thursday, September 10, 2009

walking with dinosaur..

im in part 5 now..which means im in final year..
uh uh~ cant really imagine what i'll be one day~
basically part 5 is the time we choose our subject matter for our degree show next semester...
come 2 think of it..i did took quite sumtimes 2 figure makhluk malang mane la yg bakal jd mangse eksperimen i sem ni..
golek..golek..golek..punye golek... why not lil DINO instead???
(time 2 kpala pnuh dgn makhluk2 dino yg kenit2 n tomei cm ni...--->
aww~ riang ria riang ria.....hop hop hop...

lg..lg...lg...awww~ tomeiiii!!!

beside being the all-cartoon-anime-freak also into vivienne westwood....
n that fuwa-fuwa (fluffy) .. just have 2 forget bout it...teeett~
so please...expect sumthing like this ---- n i'm freakin' not kidding u~

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

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