Wednesday, November 25, 2009

after the exams r ova......

uh~ it's been a while since moving frm s.alam...
n no internet for a long3 time..haiiahh~ T_T~~
cant face-booking either..(2day im at uitm ya'll!!)
anyway~ assessment had been great so was the event after that~
enjoy-jolly2-rest-hibernating-DONE! im so damn finally decided on doing a lil homework..(kot??)
here's my design.... (this semester)
hv 2 start with sketches rite...... hv lots of em..but ill show u the one that's made the final design~

its d assessment day!!! huhuhu...the hard work turn to this fellah~ anyway~ ms.erina here wearin my design~ its was nerve-wracking-funny-assessment... cus i dun have enuf sleap..n drink whole lot of caffaine...n i start to mumble.. i barely remember what i said on d assessment day~ lol~

(wuuu..its not exactly what ive imagine~ but it turns out like it ok??)

uhhh~ i spend almost 12 hours on sleep...n have it less than 3 hours on my hand....then.. the lecturer took it~~~~ T_T~~~~ its the 1st time i draw a monster~~theeehee~~ huduh cmane tah?

This is the ad-campaign for my designed accessories.... hi-heel of course! n it cost me a fortune to made this heels~~uhh...=_=..this is the original ad-campaign..i took it from a magazine...n photoshop it to apply my own design...huhuhuuhu

that's all 4 now

n oh ya...our batch will be having our final degree show next semester which will be on the late may or early june 2010.. lotsa marvelous design will be expected from us..

i'll inform u guys hows the tickets gonna b

c ya'll~!!

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Monday, October 5, 2009

conteng conteng

uhh~ this is what happen~
bile nk cr idea tak jmpe2
n bile nk lukis elok2 mls~
maka jd la spt ini~
uh ~ uh~ uh~

comot~ but i still like it~ so......

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Saturday, October 3, 2009

rules~ that make sense~

the old american says:
something OLD
something NEW
something BORROw
something BLUE
absolute precious lesson from prof sherry~
hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Thursday, October 1, 2009

counting~ n suffering~

5 days before practical training assessment(report tak siap lg)
3 weeks before assessment
zero finished garment ( the toile not even started)
2 garment to complete
heels tak tempah lg
not-a-sign yet of having fashion illustration started
1 week before progress assessment on toile n design
im dying~
please help me.....TT________TT
hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Monday, September 14, 2009

5'7" & VMA

ANTM cycle 13 yg latest ni (bru 3ep kt utube) .. sume contestant hve 2 be 5kaki 7inci dan KEBAWAH!!siot jer....huhu...i guess tyra sgt inspired ngn kate moss yg tggi die lbh kurg tu je... sah2 kate moss mmg supermodel yg boleh dikatakn dpt mguasai sgala2ny ttg fesyen..salute3..

so..sume makhluk2 kemetot kt america sgt gumbira ngn season kali ni~ tmasuklah sy yg kemetot juge..ekekekekeke... but they r sooo skinny mrk pun nmpk tinggi digambar... SUKE!!

VMA 2009 bru je 2 3 hr lepas kot on air~ n kisah kontroversi n jd bualan sume org ni.. bknaan sorg makhluk ni yg jeles n tak puas ati ngn kejayaan si awek taylor swift ni...
budak 2 bru je 19taun..soo sweet... n menang lak award~ so its like the big moment kan utk die n kjayaan si malaun sorg ni boleh lak konon2 nak buat lawak kot..g rampas mike si taylor 2 n ckp yg beyonce lg hebat dr die......
ms tgk kt utube..nmpk la si awek ni tmanggu2 n tatau nk wt ape.... kesian gilo kt die..
celaks pnye kanyewest!
people cant stop boo-ing whenever ms kt vma 2 sbut name si malaun sorg 2...
pdn muke...ceh~
ms tgk muke beyonce ms si makhluk 2 sbut psl die..she was like
"w--hhaa--t??..."--> dah la steal moment org len~ pastu sbut name aq lak 2..." (*membygkan ape beyonce ngh pk ms time 2..ekekekek)
anyway~ we love u taylor n for makhluk 2...i dont even listen 2 ur song~ that means u r not that famous compare to both of em~ duhh~
(* knp aq yg emo ttba nie?...hehe)

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Saturday, September 12, 2009


thinking of this week is gonna be the last week evrybuds around cus start isnin byk da blk kampong for raya~ our batchmate decided 2 have break-fasting party 2 gether2..seawal 3 pm kitorg da berewang memotong, menguli, menyiang, etc..cus tuan rumah dh warning api kecik..nati mknn lmbt dtg awl!~


menu : ns kerabu, ayam bakar, ikan sambal, sambal budu, keropok ikan, onde2, tembikai, grill hotdog, ikan bakar, air sirap selasih

aktiviti mmbakar ayam (thnx 2 zura n geng for let us use ur house's hlmn rumah 2 grill all those mouth watering food!)

waiting to be grill n the chicken is marinated to perfection

kengkwn yg dtg..n bju belang2 tu la mok aye..chef ns kerabu tersedap didonia!!

din (fotografer) : korg kne terima hakikat yg korg ni tak dilahirkan utk melompat~
u r so soo right! hahahah @__________@~
anyway...the laman is soo luas n cantik~ we can play masak2 there~ngee

yahuu~ bkk puasa time!!

ni plak xtvt mentapau 4 sahur~ byk gler mknn..if i could mkn byk i wud tapaw too cuz its sooo gud! tp i kne trime knyataan yg i ni ske mmbazir i tak tapaw..kang tak mkn~

terdampar akibat kekenyangan

thanks 2 mok aye~ we've had the best ns.kerabu in the world!! he's the one yg plg bersemngt n handle most of the thing for us..n 2 my friends..hopefully this will not be our last break-fasting 2 gether..cus u guys r awesome! (sedih lak tba2)

~luv u all~

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Thursday, September 10, 2009

walking with dinosaur..

im in part 5 now..which means im in final year..
uh uh~ cant really imagine what i'll be one day~
basically part 5 is the time we choose our subject matter for our degree show next semester...
come 2 think of it..i did took quite sumtimes 2 figure makhluk malang mane la yg bakal jd mangse eksperimen i sem ni..
golek..golek..golek..punye golek... why not lil DINO instead???
(time 2 kpala pnuh dgn makhluk2 dino yg kenit2 n tomei cm ni...--->
aww~ riang ria riang ria.....hop hop hop...

lg..lg...lg...awww~ tomeiiii!!!

beside being the all-cartoon-anime-freak also into vivienne westwood....
n that fuwa-fuwa (fluffy) .. just have 2 forget bout it...teeett~
so please...expect sumthing like this ---- n i'm freakin' not kidding u~

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@