Tuesday, September 8, 2009


uh owh~ jiwang caption~
no no no~ u have 2 believe me that i am single n totally available (ini bkn iklan promosi diri ya buk~)
thinking of love, sweetheart and memories...
i wud luv to think them as happy-hop-hop-hop-feeling
sunshine were bright-the skies r blue-the rainbows-the bunny cloud (berangan lebih2)
anak buah i yg tomei n die pandai ckp da skarg..
"antie..antie...o oh...o oh..i am sorriiii~"
he luv thomas the train n the family made them his 2nd bday cake a num 2 railway with luvly cuppycakes as centre piece of thomas train railway with moving thomas!!
oh~ n he loves camera!!
*clap clap clap!
si gedik ni bername DOLCE..wpun i tak mampu nk bli D&G, tp i ade living DOLCE for the sake of fashion..hahaha...
he's a leg-jari-nose-anything biting monster~rupe je kecik tp gigit org~
he ate almost anything~ n i mean anything!
oh~ he loves citrus thingy duno why~ even ate candy n all..wired fella..
even so we still luv u n will always be our SWEETHEART
knp ilustration nie?...well..ni la ilust yg plg i ske...n in fact,ms sem ni sume2 ilustration i wt ngn bsungguh2...tak sabo2 je bile nk dpt blk dr lecturer...
well..unfortunately~ teknisyen ingtkan student sume dh tanak dah work dorg...(lect i bru pindah bilik...so die buh sume ilust kami kt bengkel).. maka secara hormatnye..ilustration budak2 batch kami sume dibuang...diulang..dibuang.. kuang3..
tak rs pape pun~ bnde dh jd...
lgpun slh info~ mcm2 leh jd..
n i gmbr ni jela yg smpat snap~konon2 yg len2 nak snap nnt2...pdn muke keje betangguh..

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

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