Monday, September 14, 2009

5'7" & VMA

ANTM cycle 13 yg latest ni (bru 3ep kt utube) .. sume contestant hve 2 be 5kaki 7inci dan KEBAWAH!!siot jer....huhu...i guess tyra sgt inspired ngn kate moss yg tggi die lbh kurg tu je... sah2 kate moss mmg supermodel yg boleh dikatakn dpt mguasai sgala2ny ttg fesyen..salute3..

so..sume makhluk2 kemetot kt america sgt gumbira ngn season kali ni~ tmasuklah sy yg kemetot juge..ekekekekeke... but they r sooo skinny mrk pun nmpk tinggi digambar... SUKE!!

VMA 2009 bru je 2 3 hr lepas kot on air~ n kisah kontroversi n jd bualan sume org ni.. bknaan sorg makhluk ni yg jeles n tak puas ati ngn kejayaan si awek taylor swift ni...
budak 2 bru je 19taun..soo sweet... n menang lak award~ so its like the big moment kan utk die n kjayaan si malaun sorg ni boleh lak konon2 nak buat lawak kot..g rampas mike si taylor 2 n ckp yg beyonce lg hebat dr die......
ms tgk kt utube..nmpk la si awek ni tmanggu2 n tatau nk wt ape.... kesian gilo kt die..
celaks pnye kanyewest!
people cant stop boo-ing whenever ms kt vma 2 sbut name si malaun sorg 2...
pdn muke...ceh~
ms tgk muke beyonce ms si makhluk 2 sbut psl die..she was like
"w--hhaa--t??..."--> dah la steal moment org len~ pastu sbut name aq lak 2..." (*membygkan ape beyonce ngh pk ms time 2..ekekekek)
anyway~ we love u taylor n for makhluk 2...i dont even listen 2 ur song~ that means u r not that famous compare to both of em~ duhh~
(* knp aq yg emo ttba nie?...hehe)

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Saturday, September 12, 2009


thinking of this week is gonna be the last week evrybuds around cus start isnin byk da blk kampong for raya~ our batchmate decided 2 have break-fasting party 2 gether2..seawal 3 pm kitorg da berewang memotong, menguli, menyiang, etc..cus tuan rumah dh warning api kecik..nati mknn lmbt dtg awl!~


menu : ns kerabu, ayam bakar, ikan sambal, sambal budu, keropok ikan, onde2, tembikai, grill hotdog, ikan bakar, air sirap selasih

aktiviti mmbakar ayam (thnx 2 zura n geng for let us use ur house's hlmn rumah 2 grill all those mouth watering food!)

waiting to be grill n the chicken is marinated to perfection

kengkwn yg dtg..n bju belang2 tu la mok aye..chef ns kerabu tersedap didonia!!

din (fotografer) : korg kne terima hakikat yg korg ni tak dilahirkan utk melompat~
u r so soo right! hahahah @__________@~
anyway...the laman is soo luas n cantik~ we can play masak2 there~ngee

yahuu~ bkk puasa time!!

ni plak xtvt mentapau 4 sahur~ byk gler mknn..if i could mkn byk i wud tapaw too cuz its sooo gud! tp i kne trime knyataan yg i ni ske mmbazir i tak tapaw..kang tak mkn~

terdampar akibat kekenyangan

thanks 2 mok aye~ we've had the best ns.kerabu in the world!! he's the one yg plg bersemngt n handle most of the thing for us..n 2 my friends..hopefully this will not be our last break-fasting 2 gether..cus u guys r awesome! (sedih lak tba2)

~luv u all~

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Thursday, September 10, 2009

walking with dinosaur..

im in part 5 now..which means im in final year..
uh uh~ cant really imagine what i'll be one day~
basically part 5 is the time we choose our subject matter for our degree show next semester...
come 2 think of it..i did took quite sumtimes 2 figure makhluk malang mane la yg bakal jd mangse eksperimen i sem ni..
golek..golek..golek..punye golek... why not lil DINO instead???
(time 2 kpala pnuh dgn makhluk2 dino yg kenit2 n tomei cm ni...--->
aww~ riang ria riang ria.....hop hop hop...

lg..lg...lg...awww~ tomeiiii!!!

beside being the all-cartoon-anime-freak also into vivienne westwood....
n that fuwa-fuwa (fluffy) .. just have 2 forget bout it...teeett~
so please...expect sumthing like this ---- n i'm freakin' not kidding u~

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


we just LOVE colors

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


amy . julie . hafiz

we love skinny pants
make ur life brighter with those colors~
kinda think of it i have 8 of it (i think~)
dont be afraid of colors ya'll

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@


uh owh~ jiwang caption~
no no no~ u have 2 believe me that i am single n totally available (ini bkn iklan promosi diri ya buk~)
thinking of love, sweetheart and memories...
i wud luv to think them as happy-hop-hop-hop-feeling
sunshine were bright-the skies r blue-the rainbows-the bunny cloud (berangan lebih2)
anak buah i yg tomei n die pandai ckp da skarg..
"antie..antie...o oh...o oh..i am sorriiii~"
he luv thomas the train n the family made them his 2nd bday cake a num 2 railway with luvly cuppycakes as centre piece of thomas train railway with moving thomas!!
oh~ n he loves camera!!
*clap clap clap!
si gedik ni bername DOLCE..wpun i tak mampu nk bli D&G, tp i ade living DOLCE for the sake of fashion..hahaha...
he's a leg-jari-nose-anything biting monster~rupe je kecik tp gigit org~
he ate almost anything~ n i mean anything!
oh~ he loves citrus thingy duno why~ even ate candy n all..wired fella..
even so we still luv u n will always be our SWEETHEART
knp ilustration nie? la ilust yg plg i ske...n in fact,ms sem ni sume2 ilustration i wt ngn bsungguh2...tak sabo2 je bile nk dpt blk dr lecturer...
well..unfortunately~ teknisyen ingtkan student sume dh tanak dah work dorg...(lect i bru pindah die buh sume ilust kami kt bengkel).. maka secara hormatnye..ilustration budak2 batch kami sume dibuang...diulang..dibuang.. kuang3..
tak rs pape pun~ bnde dh jd...
lgpun slh info~ mcm2 leh jd..
n i gmbr ni jela yg smpat snap~konon2 yg len2 nak snap nnt2...pdn muke keje betangguh..

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Friday, September 4, 2009

break-fast & blanga wars..

this week is full with exitements...

as evrybody's buzy geting connected with friends n family to break-fasting in this fasting months..
its scares me that we all need to join 'the biggest loser' after this~ its the most interesting scenario to watch how people berlapar+kelaparan+kebuluran disiang hr n melantak bagai nk rak ms bkk pose smpai ke sahur~ oh my~ its not a surprise as lot of mknn sedap2 can be found only in bazaar ramadhan ONCE A YEAR~ dispite of the influenza A scare, food always comes first.. sroot sreet sroot sreet kat pasar 2..ish..jgn bawak virus kerbau pendek 2 sudaaa~~

juadah wajib bln puasa

other exitement then those multidelish food~ would be our fact's xtvt..(*uh oh~ fact xtvt always sound so boring) but not here....! welcome to the fashion faculty..lalalala~ all the meletz n fabuletz never fails to crack the atmosphere~bzzt..!

anyway..we have this makeover (actually its kinda bengkel makeup from day to night look)our friend Lan (president of FASTO) demonstrate the makeover thingy to our friend Zie.. come to think ofit, ppuan yg galak knp lelaki lg pndai bab mekap dr ppuan... serius wa tak phm.... btw...Lan is professional mekap wonder he is mr. knows-it-all.. tapi....bzzt...tatau lah~ neway..after makeover thingy..we break-fasting togethr2 with all our fact members...since H1N1 we might not have our sem trip this this xtvt manage to pull us back 2gether...clap clap clap..(budak part 5 komplen tak dpt air~....cmane 2..?)

the meletz n fabuletz 05

Lan tgh mekap zie...

ive been to break-fasting with mak hayam n d gang at gardens cafe pas.. as always..mak hayam mmg la dramatik spnjg mase...neway we kinda bingung sket ngn mat blanga(bangl*) kt Gcafe 2..

mak hayam : saya mau ini.. ini ada?
MB : ada
hafiz : sy nak yg ni jgk lah
MB : yg itu tara... (tak ke bengong)
mak hayam : ara ke tara ane?...
MB : oh..yg itu tara
mak hayam : abes yg sy dah oder td 2 ara ke tara?
MB : itu TARA......
mak hayam : oh kalo cmtu nak set yg ni lah
MB : set itu tara...
mak hayam : abes apa yg ada?
MB : yang lain-lain ara..yg itu tara
mak hayam : oh~ok... yg ni lah
MB : itu tara.........
mak hayam : O__________O @#$%^&*


berjujuran air mato den ketawo ne oii~
apa2halpun~ alhamdulillah kenyang...
need to workout~! tak muat bju raya kang susah jgk...
ngee (@_@)~!

break-fasting at Gcafe

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sabo je lerr~

last night i felt asleep b4 actually completing my post~
thats y huru hara beterabur jdnye...nk buh caption pun tah kemana....n accidently tertekan post.. maka kluarla post tsebut..hehe..
anyway those sketches are actually my last semester's projects..
it was inspired by the egyptian paintings on d wall...n 2 be specific..its the bird.. for them its one kind of a god or sumthin'... im not into that gods-godeses-mahluk-berhala-sembah2 sort of thing for god sake..(mgucap2...) im just into that paintings n nuthin els....
dah namepun bekas dak fine tu fenin nk pk pebende la lect nak nih~ so amek ape yg tau..nak dijadikan cerita kua la painting2 kuno & at first im so lost.. that particular research actually begun in part i am totally lost that sem(tak caye tnye ck)...then i finally understood ms part 4 (duh..~) that sketches explains evrything...(actual bju tak shoot2....)

burung huduh yg mnjd inspirasi..ekeke

last couple of days..disney(im not fooling2 with u haa) mail me the newsletter for their next proffesional internship for application...(its a job) fyi, a year ago i did apply it and they sent me an emel 2 confirm when i will be graduating from uitm... so i did comfirm when i receive those emel i was like hop-hop-hop-yayme!! its finally here...i keep on browsing to those application n wallah~! COSTUME DESIGNER!! as i go deeper n deeper..n finally wanted to fill in the resume form..............uh...USA only..... TT_________________TT.. sengal~

panat je aq browsing nyah oii~

huk huk huk..sedey la cmni...

looking forward do sumthin like this~ kyaa~

oh well..things come n go..

dah2..asgnment time..
tsuzuku (it means 2 b continue)

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

hei ya'll~ tataratataaaaa

finally~ finally~ finaLLy~ 0909(nice numbers huh~)

its not too late to wish selamat berpuasa(after all its only hv been 10days) n slamat hr raye maaf zahir batin to all muslims around the world~

juliana is my name...studying on fashion and..former fine art students..

trying to compare the both..i luv both of em~ sigh!!

fashion has been a great deal and the future i choose for myself....hope i can survive well~(TT_TT)..

i'll try to digg in my fine arts work for the upcoming entry.. for now..let see what i can find in here......

basically this sem had been a very hectic bz n a whole lot of catastrophe~ well..just can nganga n face the music i guess~...

wishing the best for evryone....n my fellowmates~ its going 2 b a great war in a couple of months~ gambatte yo!!!