Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sabo je lerr~

last night i felt asleep b4 actually completing my post~
thats y huru hara beterabur jdnye...nk buh caption pun tah kemana....n accidently tertekan post.. maka kluarla post tsebut..hehe..
anyway those sketches are actually my last semester's projects..
it was inspired by the egyptian paintings on d wall...n 2 be specific..its the bird.. for them its one kind of a god or sumthin'... im not into that gods-godeses-mahluk-berhala-sembah2 sort of thing for god sake..(mgucap2...) im just into that paintings n nuthin els....
dah namepun bekas dak fine tu fenin nk pk pebende la lect nak nih~ so amek ape yg tau..nak dijadikan cerita kua la painting2 kuno & at first im so lost.. that particular research actually begun in part i am totally lost that sem(tak caye tnye ck)...then i finally understood ms part 4 (duh..~) that sketches explains evrything...(actual bju tak shoot2....)

burung huduh yg mnjd inspirasi..ekeke

last couple of days..disney(im not fooling2 with u haa) mail me the newsletter for their next proffesional internship for application...(its a job) fyi, a year ago i did apply it and they sent me an emel 2 confirm when i will be graduating from uitm... so i did comfirm when i receive those emel i was like hop-hop-hop-yayme!! its finally here...i keep on browsing to those application n wallah~! COSTUME DESIGNER!! as i go deeper n deeper..n finally wanted to fill in the resume form..............uh...USA only..... TT_________________TT.. sengal~

panat je aq browsing nyah oii~

huk huk huk..sedey la cmni...

looking forward do sumthin like this~ kyaa~

oh well..things come n go..

dah2..asgnment time..
tsuzuku (it means 2 b continue)

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

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