Friday, September 4, 2009

break-fast & blanga wars..

this week is full with exitements...

as evrybody's buzy geting connected with friends n family to break-fasting in this fasting months..
its scares me that we all need to join 'the biggest loser' after this~ its the most interesting scenario to watch how people berlapar+kelaparan+kebuluran disiang hr n melantak bagai nk rak ms bkk pose smpai ke sahur~ oh my~ its not a surprise as lot of mknn sedap2 can be found only in bazaar ramadhan ONCE A YEAR~ dispite of the influenza A scare, food always comes first.. sroot sreet sroot sreet kat pasar 2..ish..jgn bawak virus kerbau pendek 2 sudaaa~~

juadah wajib bln puasa

other exitement then those multidelish food~ would be our fact's xtvt..(*uh oh~ fact xtvt always sound so boring) but not here....! welcome to the fashion faculty..lalalala~ all the meletz n fabuletz never fails to crack the atmosphere~bzzt..!

anyway..we have this makeover (actually its kinda bengkel makeup from day to night look)our friend Lan (president of FASTO) demonstrate the makeover thingy to our friend Zie.. come to think ofit, ppuan yg galak knp lelaki lg pndai bab mekap dr ppuan... serius wa tak phm.... btw...Lan is professional mekap wonder he is mr. knows-it-all.. tapi....bzzt...tatau lah~ neway..after makeover thingy..we break-fasting togethr2 with all our fact members...since H1N1 we might not have our sem trip this this xtvt manage to pull us back 2gether...clap clap clap..(budak part 5 komplen tak dpt air~....cmane 2..?)

the meletz n fabuletz 05

Lan tgh mekap zie...

ive been to break-fasting with mak hayam n d gang at gardens cafe pas.. as always..mak hayam mmg la dramatik spnjg mase...neway we kinda bingung sket ngn mat blanga(bangl*) kt Gcafe 2..

mak hayam : saya mau ini.. ini ada?
MB : ada
hafiz : sy nak yg ni jgk lah
MB : yg itu tara... (tak ke bengong)
mak hayam : ara ke tara ane?...
MB : oh..yg itu tara
mak hayam : abes yg sy dah oder td 2 ara ke tara?
MB : itu TARA......
mak hayam : oh kalo cmtu nak set yg ni lah
MB : set itu tara...
mak hayam : abes apa yg ada?
MB : yang lain-lain ara..yg itu tara
mak hayam : oh~ok... yg ni lah
MB : itu tara.........
mak hayam : O__________O @#$%^&*


berjujuran air mato den ketawo ne oii~
apa2halpun~ alhamdulillah kenyang...
need to workout~! tak muat bju raya kang susah jgk...
ngee (@_@)~!

break-fasting at Gcafe

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@

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