Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hei ya'll~ tataratataaaaa

finally~ finally~ finaLLy~ 0909(nice numbers huh~)

its not too late to wish selamat berpuasa(after all its only hv been 10days) n slamat hr raye maaf zahir batin to all muslims around the world~

juliana is my name...studying on fashion and..former fine art students..

trying to compare the both..i luv both of em~ sigh!!

fashion has been a great deal and the future i choose for myself....hope i can survive well~(TT_TT)..

i'll try to digg in my fine arts work for the upcoming entry.. for now..let see what i can find in here......

basically this sem had been a very hectic bz n a whole lot of catastrophe~ well..just can nganga n face the music i guess~...

wishing the best for evryone....n my fellowmates~ its going 2 b a great war in a couple of months~ gambatte yo!!!

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