Wednesday, November 25, 2009

after the exams r ova......

uh~ it's been a while since moving frm s.alam...
n no internet for a long3 time..haiiahh~ T_T~~
cant face-booking either..(2day im at uitm ya'll!!)
anyway~ assessment had been great so was the event after that~
enjoy-jolly2-rest-hibernating-DONE! im so damn finally decided on doing a lil homework..(kot??)
here's my design.... (this semester)
hv 2 start with sketches rite...... hv lots of em..but ill show u the one that's made the final design~

its d assessment day!!! huhuhu...the hard work turn to this fellah~ anyway~ ms.erina here wearin my design~ its was nerve-wracking-funny-assessment... cus i dun have enuf sleap..n drink whole lot of caffaine...n i start to mumble.. i barely remember what i said on d assessment day~ lol~

(wuuu..its not exactly what ive imagine~ but it turns out like it ok??)

uhhh~ i spend almost 12 hours on sleep...n have it less than 3 hours on my hand....then.. the lecturer took it~~~~ T_T~~~~ its the 1st time i draw a monster~~theeehee~~ huduh cmane tah?

This is the ad-campaign for my designed accessories.... hi-heel of course! n it cost me a fortune to made this heels~~uhh...=_=..this is the original ad-campaign..i took it from a magazine...n photoshop it to apply my own design...huhuhuuhu

that's all 4 now

n oh ya...our batch will be having our final degree show next semester which will be on the late may or early june 2010.. lotsa marvelous design will be expected from us..

i'll inform u guys hows the tickets gonna b

c ya'll~!!

hop hop hop~scrattchhh~ @_@